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Morgan's Story

As Modern Living Services team members prepared for our first big fundraiser, “Modern Taste of the Tri-Cities”, we were contacted via email by Bill, who requested assistance with his own independent living. Struggling with his independence, and a disability that is not severe enough for him to qualify for state supported services, we find ourselves working to much more quickly begin providing services for disabled adults by using volunteers.


Here is a letter Bill wrote to describe his needs:  


Those of us who suffer from Aspergers or Any form of Autism or Disablement’s need help to live normal lives, I can live on my own with a little bit of help such as learning stuff like how to cook with a Stove without setting things on fire, How to Orgnize a Refrigrator so I don’t spoil food and So on, Also I need Timers and other things to Remind me when to take my Medication and Remind me when forget to take them, Having a Job is Important weather it be Part time, Full time or Part time or Volunteer working towards a Part time or Full time Job, Also I need Transportation to get around from place to place, we have Ben Franklin Transit here in Tri-cites and it is great it is just that the Cut backs made in the last few months have made it harder for us to get around to Jobs and Social Events, Socializing is Important to me, IF I don’t have People who I can do stuff with I tend to get Depressed especially when I am not employed, I like meeting people and doing interesting things like Bowling and Soccer and other Activities, I also have been trying to Improve my Social life by Starting a Social/Support Group for Youth and Adults with Autism and Asperger’s, Also I want you know that those of us with Autism and Aspeger’s and other Challenges have Things we like to do to help the comuntity like I enjoy helping people learn how to Speak English and enjoy helping youth with homework. We also have Dreams like everybody like I hope to open up a Homework Center to help youth with homework, Going overseas and Teach English as a Second language and someday I hope to get married and Have kids.  



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