Ray is currently a Vice President at CH2M Hanford Plateau Remediation Company (CHPRC) and has been with CH2M for 16 years.  Having both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering, and having an extensive background in project management, Ray looks forward to becoming actively involved in developing and executing new residential projects that will provide additional housing options here in the Tri-cities for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Ray and his wife Joy are the proud parents of a 10-year-old son named Reece.  Reece has been diagnosed with a genetic anomaly called Tetrasomy 18p, and as a result, he exhibits developmental delays.  He is a warm and engaging child with a fantastic sense of humor and inexhaustible energy supply.  Ray has come to realize that it is only through the tireless efforts of community organizations like Modern Living Services (MLS) that a child-like Reece will one day have options to experience a full and independent adult life, and that everyone deserves to have that opportunity.



Andrea graduated in 1998 from Washington State University, receiving a Bachelors's degree in Social Sciences with a minor concentration in Communications. Andrea is a Real Estate agent/broker at Windermere Group One in the Greater Tri-cities. She has been with them since 2015. Her business/sales employment history has afforded her to work in technology and pharmaceutical sales markets for 16 years prior to entering Real Estate. Andrea is one of the founding members of Modern Living Services. Her MLS passion starts with working together with dedicated volunteers who have a like mind in wanting to provide and facilitate long term affordable housing and special services that help go to support independent living options for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Andrea is married to Tom Mallonee, and together they have two children. Her eldest child, Lindsey, has intellectual disabilities and is now 27 years old and lives in her home with a roommate, but as independently as possible with the help of support staff. Her son Sean 21, is currently attending Waldorf University in Forest City North Iowa. Andrea and Tom became Grandparents in May of 2020 to a beautiful little boy, Sullivan Mallonee, son to Sean & Cade.


Andrea enjoys her Real Estate career and helping families find homes, and in her leisure time, she enjoys playing ball with her two dogs Cooper & Camry, and being on the golf course with good friends!



Michele’s twenty years of accounting experience has evolved into a fresh perspective with new energy and dedication. From that, she brings strength, commitment and a genuine view to Modern Living Services (MLS). She has been able to put a title to her goal; becoming a master of business fulfillment. Recognizing the subtle difference between non-profit and for-profit is a reward to itself. The art of accounting and being accountable is a line Michele has endeavored to walk all her professional years. Developing a vision and becoming fully involved in the end, is what she refers to as the reward.

Michele relocated to the Tri-Cities to be near her family. At the core of her family is her older sister who has special needs. Michele states that “where your and my worst day is a long line, my sisters’ worst day is asking, only herself if she is in the right line”. “Bringing our various skills and talents to Modern Living Services, our job is to assure these members of our community and gently guide them to the right line, right beside us.” 


Board Member

Joy currently works part-time for ISM Solutions as an engineering consultant.  With a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and a passion for helping special needs children, adults, and their families, Joy has been working to promote Modern Living Services (MLS) as a board member for the past 3 years.  With Joy's background in designing, building, and operating complex engineering projects as well as her love of designing and remodeling homes, she enjoys using these capabilities in developing additional housing options in the Tri-cities for adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Joy and her husband Ray (the President) are the proud parents of a 10-year-old son named Reece.  As Reece has gotten older, they have started to see (and face) some of the challenges he is going to encounter. They feel that their job is to give Reece every conceivable opportunity and to fight for him when those opportunities are not made available.  


Board Member

Dave has been a Tri-Cities resident since 1974.  He attended public schools in both Richland and Kennewick school districts.  He holds an Associate of Applied Science degree in Business from Columbia Basin College and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Central Washington University.  Currently employed by the Tank Operations Contractor at the Hanford Federal Government cleanup site in Richland, Washington.


Dave got involved with Modern Living Services (MLS) through his involvement with the Kennewick Perry Suites (KPS) project.  At the successful completion of KPS, he decided to stay involved with serving individuals with special needs by joining the board of MLS.  He is particularly interested in supporting the growth and development of MLS' respite and assisted living programs.  Dave's other community involvement consists of volunteering as a Meal-On-Wheels driver and as an off-ice official for the local Tri-City Americans Western Hockey League team.

Dave is married to Stana Messinger, and together they have three daughters.  Their eldest, Kerry works in financial services and lives with her husband, Nick, and their son, Max in the Tri-Cities. Their middle daughter, Stacy, has intellectual disabilities and lives with her parents. She is a proud graduate of Kamiakin High School in Kennewick and is a big fan of the Tri-City Americans hockey team. Their youngest, Christie is a hard-working Surgical Technologist and lives in the Tri-Cities with her fiancee Andrew.  The family enjoys traveling and family game nights together.


Board Member

Claudine is a Tri-City native. At the age of 15, she became a teachers aide in the Special education classroom and continued to do so, every year, until graduation. During those years she also spent time volunteering and working for agencies that served people with disabilities.

She graduated in 1992 from Eastern Washington University with a BS degree in Therapeutic Recreation. Graduation requirements for this degree included 500 volunteer hours working with mentally, physically and emotionally disabled children and adults as well as the aged. It was completed with a full-time, 4-month internship at the VA day program in Portland, Oregon.

Claudine has over 25 years of volunteering and working at agencies that serve people of all ages with all types of disabilities. She most recently was employed as a full-time paraeducator, in an autism classroom, for the Kennewick School District and is currently substituting, in that classroom, when needed.

She has been married to Doug for many years. Between the two of them, they have four wonderful adult children. Doug's youngest son is Autistic and is in school for one more year. He will never be fully independent. However, with the resources being made available to him through MLS and other community organizations, he has the potential to have a life filled with enriching activities and employment opportunities.


Board Member

Terry Larson moved to the Tri-Cities area in 1962 with his family from Anaconda, Montana as his Father began working at the Hanford site.  He has two brothers and two sisters that also live in the area. Terry volunteers his time at the local hospital ICU, Habitat for Humanity, and is a member of the Richland Kiwanis.  Terry became a member of the Modern Living Servies )MLS) board when he learned about the Kennewick Perry Suites (KPS) project and wanted to make a difference.  Since then, he has also become a member of the KPS board.  Terry is a strong supporter of MLS and their fundraising efforts and looks forward to the development of a respite care program.


In his spare time, Terry enjoys fishing and golfing.  He is an avid sports fan and cheers on the Tri-City Fever and Seattle Seahawks every chance he gets!


Board Member

Stacy graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelors's Degree in Biology. She
then went on the graduate from Emory University with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She
specialized in sport’s medicine and orthopedics and worked for 13 years before taking time off
to better assist her family and special needs daughter. She is currently working part-time for
Columbia Basin Racquet Club as a triathlon coach.

She is married to Jim and together they have two children, Aiden who is 14 years old
and Olivia who is 11 years old. Olivia has been diagnosed with intellectual disability as well as
severe ADHD. Stacy has come to realize that it takes a community to help care for people
with special needs. However, she has learned that there is a beauty and great life lessons that
can be gained from knowing and interacting with individuals having special needs. She also
recognizes the importance of organizations such as Modern Living Services to assist in
community development in order to allow special needs person’s to grow, thrive and lead an
“abled” life.

Modern Living Services

Mailing Address Only: 3911 W 27th Ave Ste 101 PMB 53

Kennewick, Wa 99337


Modern Living Services was formed as a Washington Corporation on February 13, 2009. 

MLS has been determined by the IRS to be a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt organization.