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Carmina's Place

After many years and countless hours of careful planning, Modern Living Services has provided our community with another housing opportunity for intellectually and developmentally disabled persons. This time, five women, who also happen to be friends, were chosen to move into Carmina’s Place during the first part of 2022. Carmina’s Place is providing these ladies with an accommodating setting in which to continue their development of life skills, independence and a sense of camaraderie. Their brand new 4,400 sq.ft. home that is ADA compliant, includes wide hallways, roll-in showers, a stairlift, and on each floor, a kitchen, living room, large bedrooms and bathrooms. There’s even a private suite for the caregiver! 

“The folks have lots of room to get together and socialize, but they also have the ability to go off and be by themselves,” President of Modern Living Services, Ray Geimer, exclaims.

Within the next few years, we plan to build more housing units and a common facility on this same 1.7 acre property. Brainstorming and planning have already begun and we can’t wait to show the Tri-Cities community what we come up with next! Of course, we couldn’t do this without YOU. To the many businesses and those who’ve personally donated, we thank you. You have helped make our dream become a reality. If you would like to assist with our next project or just donate to Modern Living Services, please click here.

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